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Described below are just some of the services provided by Thibodeaux Inspection Services.
Seller’s Home Inspection

Evaluate your home through the eyes of an objective third party.
Know what a buyer’s inspector will find. This will give you the time
to remediate indications or to hire reputable contractors to make
the needed repairs you may not be qualified for.

Inheritance Property Inspection

A loved one has left you a home.  Get to know the home you have
inherited. An Inheritance Home Inspection will assist you in deciding
what you may want to do with your newly inherited property.

New Construction Home Inspection

A buyer can really benefit from a New Home Inspection.  Builders
have a warranty for their work, and you don’t want anything to be
overlooked. Know that your home is build correctly.

Month-11 Warranty Inspection

Your home was perfect when it was first built.  It was everything you
wanted. Your 12-month builder’s warranty is almost up, so let me
check to make sure that all the systems are still functioning properly
before the warranty runs out.

Moisture Analysis

I utilize the latest in testing equipment to be able to evaluate any
Questionable moisture conditions that appear to be in the home.
You won’t have to wonder if there is an issue. I’ll find out for sure.